News from Sage Summit 2012

Sage Summit 2012 has been and gone for another year. It was great to meet with 3,000 other Sage Business Partners from around the world – this year in Nashville USA.
Sage Executives were able to outline key strategies for taking the business forward and investing in further development of its core products, such as Sage CRM and Sage ERP Accpac. The key themes were around the cloud, mobile technologies and connected services. More about that later.

Sage ERP Accpac gets a new name
Sage ERP Accpac will become known as Sage 300 ERP to bring it in line with other Sage products such as Sage 50 and Sage 200. The idea being that the number denotes the size / scale of organisation that the software would be a good fit for. If you visit our websites ( and you will see we have started rolling out the new name convention.


Sage 300 ERP v6.1 New Features
I was able to see an early version of Sage 300 ERP v6.1 which is due for public release in December 2012 – although our normal advice is to wait for PU 1 to come out, which will be around March 2013.

A few nice features are:

Visual Process Flows – you will be able to have a customisable visual process flow to reflect your business processes. There will be seven processes available to begin with, covering all the key areas.

Multi-Company License – currently if you open Sage ERP Accpac twice on your computer so you can see more than one company it uses up two licenses. In v6.1 this will not be the case and you will be able to open multiple companies using just a single license. Companies will be able to be colour coded as well to aid identification of which company you are in.

Inquiry Function Enhanced – The portal was introduced with v 6.0 and included was a neat Inquiry Function. This has been extended to cover Order Entry, Purchase Orders and Inventory Control.

• Multi-Browser Support – The portal will be certified for use in multiple browsers. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

There is a lot more besides, I will be giving fuller details as we get nearer to the release dates.


Cloud & Mobile
A lot of emphasise has been placed on the cloud with both Sage CRM and soon Sage 300 ERP being offered in the Cloud. As many of you will know at Accord Consulting we have been offer clients the opportunity to access our Private Cloud to run both Sage ERP Accpac and Sage CRM on for around a year now . . . It’s good to see Sage catching us up at last!!!

We have many new clients who had never owned Sage before subscribing to our private cloud version of Sage ERP Accpac and Sage CRM. Also we have had a number of existing on-premise clients move their systems on to our private cloud. They have seen significant improvements in performance and reliability. You can find out more at or contact me directly and I’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things I saw at Sage Summit was the plans for Mobile applications. To date Sage like other software houses have made their current systems “Mobile”.  However, Himanshu Palsule, Head of Product Strategy for Sage has led a study involving meeting one on one with 300 CEO’s and business owners to find out how and what mobile computing can do to help their businesses. What has come out of that is a radically new approach that brings together front and back office into a single application specifically written for the Mobile workforce. Via the cloud and in real time it hooks back into your other Sage Applications like Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM.

Watch this video and you get and insight into what is going to be possible (excuse the corporate cheese!).

Thanks for taking the time to read this article if there is anything I can do to help or if you would like more details on any of the topics covered please feel free to contact me

Steve Masters

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