Process Optimisation

Accord Consulting will bring considerable experience and focus to Process Optimisation within your organisation. Our focus on implementing overall operational improvements, reducing risk and creating breathtaking customer service is what puts you on the fast track to improvements.

Our total emphasis on productivity, revenue enhancement and expense reduction allows you to see quickly the tangible benefits of process improvement, automation and risk management.

Accord Consulting assists orgnaisations in the public and private sectors by providing management consulting, business process improvement services, best practice for Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Customer Care.

Our experience & approach will enable you to benefit from tangible improvements in processes, profit & customer satisfaction rapidly.

Process Optimisation Services:

• Process mapping/redesign
• Software/systems review
• Benchmark creation
• Capacity management
• Staffing models
• Service quality evaluation
• Performance metrics
• Management Operating System
• Management development
• Continuous improvement methods

We can help you become more profitable by reducing expenses, increasing revenue, streamlining processes, leading to increased competitive advantage and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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